Purchasing designer wear can be tricky. There are so many counterfeit items on sale in stores as well as websites and it can be difficult to identify original items from fake ones. It is important to know that you are not spending your money on cheap, low quality fake clothing. Unless you do not mind using replicas of original wear, you should not be tricked into buying them. So here are some ways to tell if clothes are designer wear or not.


The first thing you should do when buying designer wear or expensive brands is to check if the logo and brand name is printed well. Many fake items have glitches in printing. In addition, original clothing have the logo engraved in buttons, zippers and other clothing fixtures. Check the clothes thoroughly before you buy them.

Material and Stitching

If branded clothes are fake, you might notice that the material is of poor quality. You can easily tell the difference by comparing the touch of the material of a fake and an original item. Original clothing is made using good quality and comfortable material. Aside from the fabric, you should be able to notice irregular and coarse stitching in fake items. Before you buy dresses online, zoom into the images and carefully look at the craftsmanship. You purchase clothes not just because they are branded, but because they are well made. So be cautious when you shop at unfamiliar stores and websites.

Where it is made

You might wonder how to check where a dress is made when you do online dress shopping. When you click on the image of an item, most websites provide its maker’s details. If there are no visible details of the seller, it is most probably a fake. Try to avoid purchasing clothes from unknown websites. Always stick to highly regarded online shops.


Any item that is below 30% of the original designer price is most possibly fake. Most counterfeit items are not on sale for the exact price as the original. Often times they are cheap and found with non-branded clothing in stores. But, it is not the same everywhere. Fake items that are well copied and are sold for a high price can easily fool a buyer. To avoid being deceived, it is always a better idea to shop at an authorized store.

Be clever and attentive when you purchase clothing at sales and shops you are unacquainted with. Remember to pay attention to intricate details such as the stitching and printing to know if an item is real or fake.

How To Know If Designer Wear Is Fake?

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