The holiday season is finally here. The season to be merry and jolly and of course to go green! Make an effort to stay environmentally friendly this season with these simple tips.

Skip the shiny wrapping paper

What kind of paper are you using to wrap gifts for your loved ones this Christmas? Although glittery shiny paper definitely make a gift look tempting, this is not a good options if you are trying to be eco-friendly. Recycling these shiny papers is quite a task. So the more you use these glittery paper, unknowingly you will be creating quite a lot of waste. Try recycled wrapping paper or use paper bags which can easily be reused, when packing gifts. Read this article to find out more about recycling in Dubai.

Keep those Christmas cards safe

Does your family, friends and colleagues you haven’t met in over a decade usually shower you with dozens of Christmas cards? You may want to think twice before tossing them out once the season is over. Keep them safe until next Christmas. You can easily reuse old greeting cards as gift tags or even recreate them as greeting cards next season. You can even use these cards as Christmas décor. Fix a string along your staircase and hang artistic Christmas cards.

Use ribbons and bows

Excited to open up all gifts you receive so you end up ripping all pretty wrapping paper off? Well try to open your gifts slowly without damaging the wrapping paper and ribbons. You can easily reuse all these items if you handle them with care and store them in a safe place. Once all gifts have been opened, flatten out and neatly fold gift wrappers to be reused. Not a fan of stocking things up? Drop gift boxes and old wrapping paper at a waste recycling center. If you’ve been doing quite a bit of online shopping this season, hand those cardboard boxes, foam peanuts and bubble wrapping along with your old gift boxes to be decomposed. Or simply drop them off at a local shipping store who could probably make more use of them. Visit to gather information about waste management equipment in Dubai.

Promote green living through gifts

Trying to influence your loved ones to live green? Encourage them to be so this season through eco-friendly gifts. Get your mother a reusable grocery bag made out of ecofriendly materials. Your sister is looking for a new pair of shoes? See if you can find a pair of shoes made using recycles clothes. Or get your significant other a clutch made by revamping discarded fabrics.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year To Go Green!

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