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Visit The Rim of the World Highway

The Rim of the World Highway is a scenic drive that stretches along ridgelines from Cajon Pass to San Gorgonio Pass in California. The highway has been a national historic site since 1917 and has become a popular tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy the crisp mountain air and stunning scenery while traveling through the rugged terrain. The road is easily accessible from any part of Southern California and is often open year-round.

Rim of the World Highway

The scenic drive follows the crest of the San Bernardino Mountains, where you can take in the magnificent views of the city. The highway also passes two lakes and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. This trip will take about two hours, one way. The rim of the world highway is located in Southern California. The driving experience is not difficult and will be a memorable one. It’s a great road trip for those interested in history and nature.

The Rim of the World Highway was built in 1969, and it is considered one of the most spectacular drives in the United States. It’s about 100 miles long and takes about two hours to drive without stopping. The scenery is breathtaking, but summer smog can make the view of distant mountains less than ideal. The road is a must-see for those who want to see the beautiful landscapes of California. You can also visit the historic town of San Bernardino.

The Rim of the World Highway is an exciting ride that takes about two hours to complete if you have the time to stop along the way. It features stunning views along the cliffs of the San Bernardino mountains. In addition to the desert and high elevation forests, it also runs through a few lakes. Though the Rim of the World Highway was built over 100 years ago, its popularity has only grown over the last decade.

The Rim of the World Highway is a scenic drive that’s been in existence since its construction. Its paved surface provides an excellent view of the San Bernardino Mountains. In addition to being a beautiful road to drive, the highway has become an important tourist attraction. It’s also a convenient place to go shopping. At the end of the day, the Rim of the ‘World Highway’ is a popular place to visit.

The Rim of the World Highway is a scenic drive through the San Bernardino Mountains. A scenic drive through the mountain range will provide you with beautiful views of the San Bernardino region. The road is an easy drive that will take about two hours to complete without stopping. The highway is a popular destination for tourists and drivers alike. If you’re looking for a beautiful drive, a scenic road is an ideal destination.

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